How to Breed Your KittyCats

Hi there,

This is Miss Mona.  I am the HIC (Head Cat In Charge) of Purrrfection, a KittyCat Secondary Market store located on Purrrfection Island.

In this blog post, I am going to teach you the basics about breeding.  This is just a basic primer, but I am sure that Situ (he’s a smarty pants) will give more tips on breeding in future blog posts.

We have decided to breed these two cats:


Aren’t they gorgeous?  They are Tonkinese Natural Mink cats with Exotic Breeze eyes.

Now, I have already done a blog post on how to open up the boxes and you can review that here if you need to.   Remember, it is going to take about 10 minutes for your kittens to be born.


We have named this couple Romeo and Juliet.  Mainly because they are simply stunning cats and they deserve such esteemed names.

Left click on either cat and you are going to get a blue box that comes up.


This is Juliet.   Now as you can see there are many options. Info, to give you info on the cat, text to change the name of the cat, but the one you need to be most concerned about right now is BREED.


Here you have some options.  If you do not want to breed your cats at all, then you would select BREED OFF.   It turns breeding off and when breeding is off, your cats will consume less food — 1 bowl is about 2 months worth of food.

In this case, we are going to breed.  So choose SET PARTNER.


Since Romeo is right next to Juliet, he is already selected.  However, if you wanted to choose another cat to breed with her you could select OTHER CAT and it will let you type in the nearby chat the name of the cat that you would like to breed with her.

The options that we are concerned with is ONE TIME and REPARTNER.   Now, in some cases, you might want to breed your cat with a partner one time — especially, if you decide to become a breeder.   In this instance, and since I love these cats and they are PURE (will explain that in a future blog post), I am going to select REPARTNER, so that I do not have to continue to re-partner them every week. If you do not select REPARTNER, the relationship between the cats will be broken after 11 days.

After you have selected the partnership you desire, you will receive a confirmation box.


Juliet is now partnered with Romeo.   Once she gets to 100% love and her happiness is above 75% she will give birth to a lovely baby.

I’ll post a pic, once she has one!

See you soon.


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