How To Open Your New Kittycat Box


I am Miss Mona.  I am the Head Cat In Charge of Purrrfection, which is located on Purrrfection Island.

I am creating this tutorial to help people open their kittycat from the box they are in because it can be tricky.  Many people in SL are used to opening boxes and copying it into their inventory and that will just lead to a damaged cat that you will have to have replaced by KittyCats.

So, here we go…

First, you have purchased your new kitten and you have brought it home to open up the package.

The first thing that you need to do is right click on your box.


You will get the circle wheel gump, and then at the top you will see the word TOUCH.  Go ahead and click it and a blue box will appear in your upper right hand corner of your screen. (BTW, aren’t those Scottish Shorthairs simply gorgeous?)


Once you have your blue box up, you simply click UNPACK which is the top button on the left-hand side of the blue box.

Now you will have two packs that are stirring around in the box.  They will kick a little and try to burst out, but it takes about ten minutes for that to happen.

This is what it will look like:


Most boxes take about 10 minutes to open if you buy them on the secondary market (this is any cat that is not bought from the KitttyCats store).   Starter Kitties purchased from Kittycats will USUALLY take 5 minutes to unpack.

So, if you need to get yourself some milk or catnip, now would be the time to do it!

After 10 minutes, your kitten will be born.  YAY!


See how purrrfect they are?

You can now right click each cat and select touch again and you get a menu of options.

I will feature those options in another blog post!

See you soon.


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