How to Cuddle and Play with your KittyCat


Let me introduce myself.   I am Situ Caro and I own Purrrfection with my husband Tristen Caro and my kids — Frosty and Anna.  We are located on Purrrfection Island.

Miss Mona asked me to write this blog because she cannot pick up other cats and cuddle or play with them.   So, she felt it was more fitting for me to write this one.  Cuddling and playing with your cats is important for the overall happiness of your cat — especially if you are NOT using milk.

This is Kylie.  She is the first Kittycat that I received from my son, Frosty Caro.  You will see Frosty in blogs going forward because he works with me on several projects — including Purrrfection.


Isn’t she stunning?  She is the daughter of Sam and Samantha, who have since retired to KittyCat Heaven (future blog post).

Now if you own a cat you have several options when you play with them.  Let me begin.

First, left click on your cat.  You are going to receive a blue box that looks like this:


This blue box has several options and if you keep reading this blog, you will eventually learn all of them.

In this case, we are concerned with interaction.   Click on INTERACTION and you will receive another blue box.


Here you have several options.   You can lay with your cat or sit with them.   You can also cuddle and hold them or play with them.   Playing with them is fun because you will toss a ball back and forth with your kitty.   Weylin loves to do that with our Megapuss.

Let’s cuddle!  You select the cuddle button and your kittycat will jump into your arms.


I am holding Kylie in my arms and she definitely loves it.

Another thing that you can do is pet your cats.   This one is cool because you do not have to own the cat to be able to pet them.  Simply, right click on the cat and you will get a menu box.  Please note:  It may give you an animation request regarding what sex you are in order for you to interact with the cat.


We have several options and each has their own animation.  I personally love the PLAYING option, because you will lay down on the floor and play with them with a toy.


There you have it.   Now go have fun with your kitty!

— Situ







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