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What the HELL is a Starter Cat?

msmonaHi, it’s me — Miss Mona!

I’ve been annoyed for awhile.  There seems to be some other location on this SIM where cats are being raised that I have not discovered yet, but I will soon enough.

I am perturbed.  A month or so ago, a cat named Selena slithered into the shop.  She says she lives in the lap of luxury on a cat farm that is owned by — you guessed it — stripper boy and the Shirley Bassey gay.

I mean it’s bad enough they steal my gachas and sell them, but now they are harboring other cats in a luxurious setting?  The nerve.

Anyways, this Selena looked straight down her nose at me and told me that I was a STARTER CAT.

I felt bad about it for several days and I had a serious conversation with Giorgio and Zayn, and they told me that I was a Limited Edition Dynamic Diva — so that boujee beast can stick it.  But, in all seriousness, it got me curious about starter cats.

So, being a nosy diva, I traveled over to the KittyCats shop to get the sardines on this…

Anyways, a starter cat is simply any cat that you purchase at the Kittycat store.  This includes all the limited edition cats (like me), the specialty cats purchased with KittyCat dollars, genesis breeds, confetti (although these can birth other confetti cats), and Fancies (and these cats can transfer their fancie eye to their babies and give a groovy gem with every box).   Occasionally, Kittycats will release a costumed cat that is born through birthing other cats, but these are not ‘starter cats’, they have a non-genesis fur underneath.

Here are some images of the different lines:

Giraffe Cats


Disco Kitties, Tigers, and Snow Leopards


Confetti Cats


Fancie Cats


From what I was told, starter cats are like a blank canvas.  They can contain any of the traits currently available, which can be found on the KittyCats website.  Beneath any starter cat could be anything from Russian Black to Toyger Caramel, new whiskers or spectacular eyes.  It just depends on how you breed them, and the random results that you receive.

I even found out that KittyCats recently released new birthday suits for their Genesis line.

Let’s take a look at what you get with a starter cats package:

starter pair

When you drag the package out of your inventory and put it on the ground it appears as a big gigantic bag.   Open this package as you normal would and copy all the contents into your inventory.


Once you have copied everything to your inventory, you will receive a cat (in this case, there is a boy and a girl) and starter food for your kitties.  Then, simply, drag each of the starter boxes out and place them on the ground.


Now, what I do is click on each of the boxes and hit the IMAGE button in the blue box that appears.

gnger babies.jpg

Here are starter male and female kittens.  Click on the box and select unpack.   After 5 minutes (all starter cats birth in 5 minutes rather than 10), you will have your babies.

Aren’t they so cute?

You see, starter cats are not so bad!  Running into Sweet Pussy Pauline would be bad!